Teresa Carvajal

Office: ABE 2022
Phone: (765) 496-6438
Email: tcarvaja@purdue.edu

Unit and Group Affiliations



Dr. Teresa Carvajal joined the ABE faculty in 2010. She earned her B.S. as a Chemical Pharmaceutical Biologist from the National University of Mexico, Mexico City. Later she obtained her M.S. in Pharmaceutics with a Minor in Physical Chemistry from the University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ. Her Ph.D. is on the area of Pharmaceutical Technology at the University of Bath, UK. Prior to pursuing graduate school, Dr. Carvajal worked for 12 years in industry, mostly at Hoffmann-LaRoche and then Bayer Pharmaceuticals. After her experience in industry, she joined Industrial & Physical Pharmacy at Purdue in 2003 where she holds a special faculty position.

Dr. Carvajal’s research emphasis is on Surface Science of Pharmaceutical, Food and Agricultural Materials. Activities on powder technology issues such as the behavior of composites or powders and powder blends during processing (milling), development and storage. Current interest is on the effect of mechanical stress on the microstructure of organic crystalline materials in order to understand mechanical and surface properties. Also, formulation of powdered materials as well as lipid based for improving dissolution, dispersion and bioavailability is another area of research. For inhalation research, we focus on microfabrication of particles for lung therapy; additional work is dedicated on environmental aerosol particles. Multidisciplinary collaboration and diversity is highly encouraged and practiced in our group for success. The relevant and practical significance of her work reaches across food safety, pharmaceutical and agricultural applications.

Research Areas:

Surface Science of Pharmaceutical, Food and Agricultural Materials - by exploring of and exploiting physical and chemical properties to take advantage of their full potential hence understand, control, manipulate particle interactions, cohesion-adhesion. Materials Surface Characterization.

Publication reprints available upon request.