Stephanie Masta

Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction; Courtesy Faculty of Engineering Education

Office: ARMS

Unit and Group Affiliations


Stephanie Masta is a member of the Sault Ste Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians and an Associate Professor in Curriculum Studies in the College of Education. She also has courtesy appointments in the School of Engineering Education and the College of Liberal Arts. Most recently, Stephanie was named as a Provost Fellow for her role as the faculty mentor for the Posse Foundation. Prior to coming to Purdue, Stephanie was a postdoctoral research associate and graduate student at Iowa State University. When not trying to fight against systemic colonialism and racism, Stephanie enjoys walking, lifting weights, listening to true crime and 90’s centered podcasts, and reading British mysteries. She loves all sports but mostly fall ones and is a lifelong Michigan Wolverine. Stephanie is also very committed to animal rescue efforts, which includes fostering dogs.