College of Engineering Staff Position Approval, Posting and Hiring Process Outline

The chart below outlines the steps that should be followed to request approval, post and hire for a position when a staffing need is identified. If at any point during the process approval is not received to move forward the process stops.

Contact information:

Will Sondgerath, Assistant Dean of Engineering:
Brittany Vestal, Director of Financial Affairs:
Matt Wade, Sr. HR Business Partner:
Haley Arnold, Talent Acquisition Specialist:
James Clark, Director of Compensation:

Responsible Parties
1. Staffing Need Identified
Request approval to fill position(s)
Requestor: Hiring Manager
Approvers: Department Head & Business Manager
2. Update Position Description
Position descriptions must be aligned with the Job Family Structure and accurately reflect the responsibilities, duties, education, and experience requirements of the position.

New Positions
If the position is new, the hiring manager must create a description for the position.

Existing Position
If the position currently exists, the hiring manager must review the position description and make updates as necessary to ensure it accurately outlines the position

Resource: Information on position descriptions can be found on the HR website (
Hiring Manager
3. Position Description Review by Compensation
Depending on the situation, the position description may need to be reviewed by Compensation.

Existing Positions With No Changes or minor updates
If the position currently exists, has a position description and no changes or only minor updates are being made to the description, a review is not required. Move to next step.

New Position Descriptions or Significant Changes to Existing
All new positions descriptions or existing descriptions with significant changes must be sent to compensation for job alignment and leveling. Please contact the Compensation department to have the position description reviewed and approved before moving to the next step.
Hiring Manger
Compensation Department
4. Sponsorship Review
Determine if the position will require sponsorship.

Contact Compensation for a preliminary wage analysis. Please allow at least five (5) business days for this step in the process.

Move to next step
Hiring Manger
Compensation Department
5. College of Engineering Administrative Review and Approval
Send the position description and any additional relevant information to the Director of Financial Affairs (DFA) and Assistant Dean for Staff (ADS) for review and approval.

All requests are reviewed by the DFA and ADS for:
  • Ability to fund
  • Staffing need
  • Overlap in responsibilities with other positions
  • Search team – to ensure the members meet the University guidelines
Research Funded Positions
All research funded positions must be approved by the Dean. The DFA will facilitate this review.

Non-Research Funded Positions
Non-research funded positions must be approved by the Dean. The DFA will facilitate this review.
Hiring Manager
Director of Financial Affairs
Assistant Dean for Staff
Dean of Engineering
VP of Human Resources
6. Notification of Result
The DFA will notify the hiring manager of the approval or declination of the position request.
Hiring Manager
Director of Financial Affairs
7. Position in SuccessFactors
If approval is received for the position, the next step is to ensure it exists in SuccessFactors and is accurate.

Existing Positions With No Changes or minor updates
No updates are required to the position in SuccessFactors and you can move to the next step if:
  • The position currently exists in the system
  • No changes or only minor changes were made to the position description
  • All other information will remain the same (i.e. Job, Level, Position Reporting To, Division, Department, Location, etc.)
New Positions or Changes Required
  • All new positions must be created in SuccessFactors. The hiring manager (or designated support staff) must go into the system to create the position. (QRG Link)
  • You must also update the position if any changes are being made (i.e. Job, Level, Division, Department, Position Reporting to, Location, etc.)
Hiring Manager (or designated support staff
8. Notification of Result
The HR Compensation professional will notify the hiring manager to begin the creation of the job requisition.
HR Compensation
Hiring Manager (or designated support staff)
9. Creating Job Requisition
The hiring manager or department administrative assistant will initiate the process by creating the requisition. (QRG link) The hiring manager should include the appropriate individual as the Budget Approver (typically their Business Manager).

A copy of the position description should be pasted into the requisition. Additionally, the names of the individuals who are serving on the search team should be listed in the requisition.
Hiring Manager (or designated support staff)
10. Budget Approver
The Budget Approver reviews the requisition. Once approved, the requisition is forwarded to the Talent Acquisition Specialist.
Business Manager
11. Talent Acquisition Specialist drafts job posting
The Budget Approver reviews the requisition. Once approved, The Talent Acquisition Specialist drafts a job posting for the position and forwards the draft to the hiring manager for their review.
Talent Acquisition Specialist
12. Review of job posting
The Talent Acquisition Specialist discusses any edits requested by the Hiring Manager with the Hiring Manager. Talent Acquisition Specialist and Hiring Manager may identify additional recruitment efforts that may be needed to source candidates.
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Hiring Manager
13. Waiver of Posting Request
If Hiring Manager intends to pursue a Waiver of Posting, the Hiring Manager should submit the appropriate documentation to the Director of Talent Acquisition, including the position description, an explanation memo, as well as the candidate’s resume or CV.
Hiring Manager
Director of Talent Acquisition
14. Posting of Position
The Talent Acquisition Specialist posts the position and notifies the Hiring Manager that once it has been posted for five (5) business days, the Hiring Manager will be able to begin reviewing resumes.
Talent Acquisition Specialist
15. Review of Resumes
Following the five business days, the Talent Acquisition Specialist notifies the Hiring Manager that they can begin reviewing resumes. The Hiring Manager and members of the search team review resumes.
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Hiring Manager
Search Team
16. Update of Recruiting Status
The Hiring Manager and search team members review resumes and interview candidates for the position. As the recruitment process progresses, the Hiring Manager updates the status of the candidates in SuccessFactors.
Hiring Manager
17. Decision to Extend Offer & Offer Approval
Once interviews are completed and the search committee decides to make an offer, the Hiring Manager discusses intended offer with the Talent Acquisition Specialist. The offer should be in alignment with the candidate’s work experience, education background, as well as with Purdue’s internal salary structure. The terms of the offer must be approved by the Budget Approver and the Talent Acquisition Specialist.
Hiring ManaHiring Manager
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Business Manager
18. Extending Verbal Offer
The Hiring Manager extends verbal offer to candidate. If rejected, Hiring Manager notifies Talent Acquisition Specialist of rejection for possible follow up. If accepted, Hiring Manager notifies Talent Acquisition Specialist of verbal acceptance and start date.
Hiring Manager
Talent Acquisition Specialist
19. Written Offer
The Talent Acquisition Specialist drafts written offer letter and sends to the candidate.
Talent Acquisition Specialist
20. Background Check
The Talent Acquisition Specialist contacts the new employee with information on how to complete the Background Check.
Talent Acquisition Specialist
21. Begin Onboarding
The Hiring Manager begins New Employee Onboarding process.
Hiring Manager