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Tamara Moore

Tamara Moore

Associate Professor of Engineering Education

Tamara Moore obtained all her degrees at Purdue: B.S. in mathematics in1996; a B.S.E. in interdisciplinary engineering in 2008; and an M.S.Ed. in mathematics education in 2001; and a
Ph.D. in engineering education in 2006.

Moore’s research, which currently includes three National Science Foundation-supported projects, is centered on the integration of STEM concepts in K-12 and higher education mathematics, science, and engineering classrooms in order to help students make connections among the STEM disciplines and achieve deep understanding. Her research agenda focuses on defining STEM integration and investigating its power for student learning. She is creating and testing innovative, interdisciplinary curricular approaches that engage students in developing models of real world problems and their solutions. Her research also involves working with educators to shift their expectations and instructional practice to facilitate effective STEM integration.