LATinE: Latinx Trailblazers in Engineering

Purdue Engineering, the home of Neil Armstrong, Lillian Gilbreth, and the birthplace of both the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and the nation’s first Women in Engineering program, is committed to building a diverse and successful national talent pool in engineering. LATinE is a new initiative intended to increase the number and success of Latinx/Hispanic engineering faculty in the US, who in turn, will blaze new trails with new discoveries, innovations and social impact and serve as role models for the next generation of engineers.

Plenary Panel

Plenary Panel: University and Industry Leadership During the Pandemic and Beyond
Part of Purdue Engineering’s Rising to the Challenge Initiative


  • Mark Lundstrom, Acting Dean of the College of Engineering, Don and Carol Scifres Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering


  • Jorge Haddock, President, University of Puerto Rico
  • Juan Manuel de Bedout, Vice President of Aerospace Technology in Technology & Global Engineering at Raytheon Technologies
  • Ricardo J. Echevarria, Vice President in the Sales and Marketing Group and General Manager of Intel Olympic Program at Intel Corporation

Keynote Address

“My Unlikely Journey: From the Barrios of Los Angeles to the White House and the National Medal of Science.”

  • Richard A. Tapia, University Professor, Rice University; Maxfield and Oshman Professorship in Engineering, Rice University; Adjunct Professor, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Houston; Director, Alliances for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP), Rice University; Director, Center for Excellence and Equity in Education, Rice University; Associate Director of Minority Affairs, Office of Graduate Studies, Rice University

Program goals

The goal of the LATinE program at Purdue Engineering is to prepare the best and brightest Latinx/Hispanic scholars who have recently completed/ are nearing completion of their PhD degrees or postdoctoral appointments at US universities for a career as a faculty member in engineering academia. Those selected as LATinE fellows will attend a two-day workshop that will provide opportunities for scientific interactions, career-oriented discussions, and networking.


Latinx/Hispanic PhD students/postdocs in engineering or related disciplines at US research universities who are expected to complete/have completed their PhD/postdoctoral appointments at US universities in 2020 or 2021, and are interested in applying for faculty positions in the US, are eligible for this program. 25 talented LATinE fellows will be selected for this initial program.

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