Funding Information

Across Purdue’s College of Engineering, more than 70% of our full time graduate students receive funding, but the options open to you will depend on the type of degree you are pursuing.

Most PhD students will receive funding, usually in the form of an assistantship or fellowship. A lower percentage of thesis (research-based) master’s students will receive funding, and very few non-thesis (course-based) master’s students will receive funding. Professional master’s students and online students typically pay their own way.

If you’re new to graduate school funding, start with the Introduction to Funding. Then follow the links below to learn about specific opportunities.

Introduction to Funding

View an overview of the graduate funding process.

Funding Information from the Purdue Graduate School

Learn more about assistantships, fellowships, and various opportunities.

Engineering Fellowships

View a list of external fellowship programs you can apply for. Many are available for both incoming and current graduate students. This list was compiled by the College of Engineering Graduate Education team.