Partnership with TaskHuman

TaskHuman offers 1:1 personalized guidance from LIVE specialists over video calls covering nearly 1000 aspects of your daily life such as anxiety, mindfulness, reducing stress, clean eating, time management, in-home workouts, relationship tensions, and so much more. Instantly discover and connect with the world’s most comprehensive and enjoy 100% secure and confidential 1:1 sessions on the TaskHuman platform anytime, anywhere - whether you want to work out 1:1 through a personalized yoga session, work through heightened anxiety, or simply get guidance on time management.

Students have found great value in utilizing TaskHuman, celebrating real-world mental well-being wins all around the world. Since the launch of this program, Purdue Engineering students, staff, and faculty have made over 5,000 calls with an average user rating of 4.8/5!

Purdue Mentors Program

After seeing the value of TaskHuman to our ECE network, we wanted to expand our efforts and create an entirely new experience to support our current students as much as we can. We have officially rolled out our ECE Mentors Program on TaskHuman! Select Purdue alumni, faculty, and senior students have joined the TaskHuman platform as Mentors! ECE students can now connect instantly with their Mentors on TaskHuman. Mentors will use their unique experiences to help mentees develop new skills, build a network, set and achieve goals, and more.

On top of ALL Purdue ECE students having free, unlimited access to TaskHuman, you can now connect with your ECE mentors instantly, right from your phone or tablet. We truly hope all Purdue ECE students take advantage of this resource; your mentors are online now waiting to support you.

Ready to get unlimited access to TaskHuman? Click this link:

Don't see a topic you want or have other questions? Contact Brooke Parks, senior lecturer in ECE, at

Overviews & Video Guides

Example Mentor Specialties & Available Support

  • Career guidance
  • Graduate school options
  • Merits of becoming a licensed engineer
  • What it's like “on the job”
  • Hot areas in industry right now
  • Interviewing tips
  • And so much more…
  • Upper-level course (electives) selection
  • Different areas of concentration within ECE
  • Co-op opportunities
  • Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP)
  • Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS)
  • How to get involved in research projects
  • Law & Medical School options
  • Working at a government research lab
  • And so much more…
ECE Students (Grads & Seniors)
  • What organizations are available to ECE students?
  • How to create a LinkedIn, how to better prepare your resume for that specific position?
  • The FE Exam- and how it varies from state to state
  • When selecting courses, which ones should they take depending on their path?
  • Once you have an offer, how do you negotiate or decline an offer properly?
  • Co-ops and internships, how did you go about getting one? What is that experience like?
  • Student employment on campus? i.e., TA's, RA's, etc.
  • How do you balance coursework and social life?
  • And so much more…


Say goodbye to generic articles and overwhelming search results. Get help instantly, when you need it, where you need it, with your current goals and needs in mind. Connect with LIVE coaches to meditate, develop time management strategies, and have personable conversations to address any goals or challenges you face.

TaskHuman also offers FREE Live Wellness Webinars every week that you can participate in! These will be 30-minute sessions hosted on Zoom and led by TaskHuman's incredible wellness coaches.

Here’s what Purdue Engineering users have to say about their experience with TaskHuman!

“TaskHuman’s unique service is their coaches’ ability to support clients from where they are to where they want to be. Tell them what your problems are. Sometimes you might not even know. The pros are there to help.”

“Imagine you’ve reached your goals. Making the call is the first step.”

“The providers I’ve worked with have been totally amazing...I’m hooked!”

“This is an incredible service.”

A gift today can help support student wellness programs throughout ECE and the College of Engineering.