Partnership with TaskHuman

TaskHuman offers one-on-one live video calls with coaches who help you focus on wellness topics such as anxiety, mindfulness, reducing stress, clean eating, time management, in-home workouts, relationship tensions, and hundreds of others. You can hop on at any time to access experiences as diverse as working through heightened anxiety to a personalized yoga session with carefully vetted providers.

Overwhelmingly, students find great value in utilizing the services TaskHuman provides, celebrating real-world mental health wins and making plans to build on the progress they’ve seen with TaskHuman (“Having taken steps to set up healthy habits to manage my stress, I would like to set up some daily exercise habits in the future and I plan to seek to this change using the TaskHuman app.”).

Ready to create your own success story? Here’s the link for full access:

Don’t see a topic you want or have other questions? Contact Brooke Parks, senior lecturer in ECE, at


Personalized, real-time calls! You can connect live with a coach to meditate, develop time management strategies, have a conversation to address challenges you face, and so much more.

TaskHuman also offers FREE Live Wellness Webinars every week that you can participate in! These will be 30-minute sessions hosted on Zoom and led by TaskHuman's awesome wellness coaches.

How do I get TaskHuman?

  • Join Purdue's Task Human
  • When prompted, enter your cell phone number for the unlimited access download link.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to install the TaskHuman app.