Partnership with TaskHuman

TaskHuman offers one-on-one live video calls with coaches who help you focus on wellness topics such as anxiety, mindfulness, reducing stress, clean eating, time management, in-home workouts, relationship tensions, and hundreds of others. You can hop on at any time to access experiences as diverse as working through heightened anxiety to a personalized yoga session with carefully vetted providers.

Overwhelmingly, students find great value in utilizing the services TaskHuman provides, celebrating real-world mental health wins and making plans to build on the progress they’ve seen with TaskHuman (“Having taken steps to set up healthy habits to manage my stress, I would like to set up some daily exercise habits in the future and I plan to seek to this change using the TaskHuman app.”).

Since the launch of this program, Purdue Engineering students, staff, and faculty have made over 5,000 calls with an average user rating of 4.8/5!

Ready to create your own success story? Here’s the link for full access:

Don’t see a topic you want or have other questions? Contact Brooke Parks, senior lecturer in ECE, at


Personalized, real-time calls! You can connect live with a coach to meditate, develop time management strategies, have a conversation to address challenges you face, and so much more.

TaskHuman also offers FREE Live Wellness Webinars every week that you can participate in! These will be 30-minute sessions hosted on Zoom and led by TaskHuman's awesome wellness coaches.

Here’s what Purdue Engineering users have to say about their experience with TaskHuman!

“TaskHuman’s unique service is their coaches’ ability to support clients from where they are to where they want to be. Tell them what your problems are. Sometimes you might not even know. The pros are there to help.”

“Imagine you’ve reached your goals. Making the call is the first step.”

“The providers I’ve worked with have been totally amazing...I’m hooked!”

“This is an incredible service.”

How do I get TaskHuman?