Renew, Aspire, Steps Forward

The strategic plans overseen by the two previous deans have provided outstanding foundations for the growth of the College. Many well-articulated points in those plans remain essential today. Let us celebrate our many accomplishments and renew our commitment to the 2002 theme of “From Excellence to Preeminence” and the 2009 theme of “Extraordinary People, Global Impact.”

Over the past few years, new opportunities and challenges have arisen, and many new colleagues have joined us. Let us join in conversation on (long-term) aspiration and (near-term) actions. Dean Chiang has asked Professor Kathleen Howell and Professor Mark Lundstrom to help coordinate three channels of discussion: Public Forums, Anonymous Suggestion Box, and Faculty Working Groups over the period of mid-February to end of April.

Anonymous Inbox

Submit your feedback and ideas anonymously through the Anonymous Inbox.

Faculty Working Groups

Six faculty working groups have been designed to examine many of the key topics of interest. These groups are being led by the following faculty members:

  1. Technology and Resources (Lead: Bill Crossley, AAE)
  2. Facilities for the Future (Lead: Haiyan Wang, MSE)
  3. Undergraduate and Graduate Education (Lead: Chuck Krousgrill, ME)
  4. Faculty and Research (Lead: Michael Ladisch ABE/BME )
  5. Climate and Culture (Lead: Dulcy Abraham, CE)
  6. Impact (Lead: Andy Weiner, ECE)

Previous Strategic Plans

Purdue College of Engineering 2002-2007 Strategic Plan
Purdue College of Engineering 2009-2014 Strategic Plan