Dr. Ernest (Chip) Blatchley III:
Water, Water… Everywhere?

Event Date: April 15, 2014
Hosted By: CoE Academic Affairs
Time: 3:30 PM
Location: POTR 234
Contact Name: Marsha Freeland
Contact Phone: 494-5349
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Dr. Ernest (Chip) Blatchley III


To a large degree, the facts that we take water for granted and expect to pay so little for it are reflections of the effectiveness of our current water management systems.  Many developed countries (including the U.S.) have adopted inefficient patterns of water management because of the lack of water system problems that obvious to the general public.  However, critical problems are emerging in the water sector, including water shortages, identification of contaminants of concern, and aging water infrastructure.  As such, important opportunities for improvements in management of water resources and water treatment have been identified.

This lecture is intended to provide an overview of activities in the Blatchley group that have addressed a broad spectrum of water-related problems, opportunities, and technological developments.  Emphasis will be placed on the topics that have been the focal point of our research, including the development of photochemical reactor theory, including numerical and diagnostic tools; development of photochemical reactors; disinfection byproduct chemistry; and advanced oxidation processes.  Recent work relating to the application of these principles for water treatment in developing countries will also be presented.  The future of research in these areas appears to be promising, and many of the most intriguing opportunities are evident at the interfaces of traditional academic disciplines, some of which will be discussed.


Ernest (Chip) R. Blatchley III received his Ph.D. in Civil (Environmental) Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley in 1988.  He joined the faculty in Civil Engineering at Purdue immediately thereafter.  The focus of activities within the Blatchley group is on physico/chemical processes of environmental engineering, with particular emphasis on disinfection processes.  He has received the Harold Munson Outstanding Teaching Award and the Roy E. and Myrna G. Wansik Research Awards within the School of Civil Engineering, as well as the William Edgar Award for Research from the Water Environment Federation.  He was named a Diplomate Environmental Engineer by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers, and was recently named as a Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

He has advised 19 Ph.D. and 19 M.S. students through completion of their degrees, and has supervised 5 post-doctoral research associates.  Collectively and individually, these scholars are great ambassadors for Purdue University and the College of Engineering.  Part of this presentation will be used to highlight the activities and careers of a few of these scholars.