Mr. David Dayton

CEO Itronix Corporation (Retired)

Mr. David Dayton
"The engineering education that I received at Purdue started me on my career and sustained me all along the way. I had many experiences in my 30 year career in high technology businesses. All along the way, I was forced to re-educate myself in new, emerging technologies, such as object oriented programming, wireless technology, and many others. The fundamental education that I received at Purdue taught me to think, reason, and learn through new experiences and opportunities. I am truly blessed that my parents suggested that I go to Purdue and study electrical engineering and I thank both them and Purdue for molding me for success."
Dave Dayton spent more than 35 years in a variety of chief executive and general management roles at several high technology companies.  This included 21 years at Hewlett Packard, in various positions in marketing, manufacturing, and customer service, and the last ten years in division general management positions.  While at Hewlett Packard, Mr. Dayton was one of the company’s major business line managers, growing the Logic Systems Division’s total business from $10 million to over $150 million in revenue. 

After leaving HP in 1990, Mr. Dayton spent ten years in CEO positions in three smaller, venture-backed high tech firms, spending time in Providence, Rhode Island; Toronto, Canada; and Spokane, Washington.  The companies included: Cadre Technologies, a $45 million application development software firm; Cantoc Business Systems, Inc., a supply chain, application software, and services firm specializing in order and warehouse management; and Itronix Corp., a leading company in specialty ruggedized, wireless, personal computers for the field service industry.

Dave has served as a board member for several public companies including: a savings and loan bank and a community bank.  He has also served as a board member for numerous charitable and nonprofit organizations, including the United Way and the Urban League.

Mr. Dayton has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Purdue University and earned an MBA from the University of Colorado.  Dave has served as an adjunct marketing professor at the University of Colorado and as a lecturer in ECE, focusing on career management.

Mr. Dayton and his wife, Janiel, live in Naples, Florida and Denver, Colorado.  They have two children, a Boilermaker and a Hoosier, as well as four granddaughters.