Mr. Craig Overhage

Senior Vice President and General Manager,
Instruments Business, Tektronix Inc.

Craig Overhage
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Craig Overhage is senior vice president and general manager of the Instruments Business for Tektronix, with executive responsibility for the company’s general-purpose and video test products. As general manager of this business, he oversees P&L, strategy, product development, marketing, sales, service, and technology development of all instruments products. Additionally, he serves as the executive staff sponsor for Tektronix’ operations in India and Japan.

Mr. Overhage joined Tektronix upon graduation from Purdue University, where he earned his BSEE (1983). He also earned an MSEE from Oregon State University and holds three patents. He began his career with Tektronix as a design engineer for the logic analyzer product line. He has held various other roles and in 1999 was promoted to vice president of the Digital Systems Business. In 2001 Mr. Overhage was named vice president of the Instruments Business Unit, and in 2004 he was promoted to senior vice president.