Dr. Hong-Sun Kim

SecureSoft, Incorporated

PhD 1990

Hong-sun Kim
The world is now a great single community, and you should think and act globally. You have to accept different cultures and new challenges. Not only does it generate more opportunities, but also it is so fun to be involved.
Hong Sun Kim says his life at Purdue is the one he will hold forever. "First of all, I am so proud to be an alumnus of Purdue. More than I imagined, I received so many compliments about my Purdue education from the people I met in the industry." Kim, founder, CEO, and Chairman of SecureSoft, Inc., considers West Lafayette as his family’s home because it was the first town they settled in after coming to the United States. "My wife and I came to the States just after three months of marriage," he says. Their honeymoon was spent in Purdue’s married student apartments.

Kim particularly remembers his advisor, Professor Robert Mitchell, as the professor he most respected. "Above all, he exemplified how a school can cooperate with industry. With his guidance, I was able to open my eye to advanced industry in the U.S," Kim says. "I recall that, a few years ago, I was invited by a famous radio station in Korea to speak about the person I respect most and, without hesitation, I spoke of Dr. Mitchell."

One experience that stands out in Kim’s memory when he came to Purdue was the advanced computer system. He says, "The system called ECN (Engineering Computer Network) was overwhelming to me." During his college life in Korea, he had not seen such systems. " Even though I attended the best and largest university in Korea, computer systems were quite behind."

After he finished his studies at Purdue, Kim contributed his knowledge and experience to the industries in Korea. "And now I am selling high-tech IT products developed by Korean engineers to the U.S. It is interesting that Korea has become renowned for its best broadband and mobile IT infrastructure in the world. It gives me a lot of pleasure in participating in the advancement of IT industries based on my experience at Purdue."

Kim reflects, "The fact that the world is changing so quickly and that I am part of such a historical era is amazing."

In advising students, Kim says, "I ask you to have a global mind. The world is now a great single community and you should think and act globally. You have to accept different cultures and new challenges. Not only does it generate more opportunities, but also it is so fun to be involved."

Kim says his career would be impossible without the love and sacrifice of his wife, whom he describes as a typical housewife. The couple has two sons, Justin who was born at Home Hospital in Lafayette, and Elliott who was born in Texas. Kim says Justin, in the 11th grade, takes after his father with strong strengths in engineering and business, and Elliott, in the 9th grade, has quite a different character and wants to become a movie director or writer. "There are so many things to do and we want to contribute to a better part of life for mankind. I am sorry I cannot stay home that much due to my frequent business trips. I always appreciate my family’s understanding and sympathy," he says.

SecureSoft, headquartered in Seoul, Korea, is one of the leading global Internet security companies and has received capital investments from a number of investors including Softbank, CS First Boston, and Capital International. SecureSoft was listed on the KOSDAQ exchange in Korea in 2001. In particular, SecureSoft founded its own corporation in September of 2002 in Japan, where it has broad partnerships with prestigious corporations including Marubeni, Fujistu, Toshiba, NEC Soft, and HP Japan. Also, Kim says, "SecureSoft has operations in China and Thailand. Furthermore, the U.S. operation has taken off in 2003, which is now the primary focus of global business."