Dr. Frank S. Greene Jr.

Founder and General Partner
New Vista Capital

Frank S. Greene
Engineering...encourages abstract and creative thinking comparable to being an artist, develops problem solving skills for taking risks and achieving new frontiers, (and) fosters the desire to be an information builder of mechanical and human organizations.

Frank S. Greene Jr. has taught electrical engineering and computer science; served as assistant chairman of the Electrical Engineering Department at Stanford; and founded three successful businesses - all in the last 33 years.

Greene completed his master's degree at Purdue in 1962 and, following a four-year tour in the U.S. Air Force, worked in research at Fairchild Semiconductor. He completed his Ph.D. at Santa Clara University in 1970 and founded his first business, Technology Development Corporation (TDC), in 1971. He continued to run TDC while serving as assistant chairman of the Electrical Engineering Department at Stanford from 1972 until 1975 when he left academia to devote himself full-time to his business. By 1985 TDC was traded publicly, had more than 300 employees, and was recognized by Black Enterprise as one of the top 100 businesses.

After an equity interest in TDC was sold to the Federal Systems Division of Penn Central, Greene launched ZeroOne Systems, Inc. as a spin-out. ZeroOne sold large-scale scientific computer systems to the government market for engineering and research. In two years ZeroOne reached $15 million in annual revenue and a sale was negotiated to Sterling Software, with Greene remaining as group president until 1989.

Taking on a different challenge, Greene became president of Networked Picture Systems, Inc., headed a successful turn-around operation and assisted with the merger of the company with 68000, Inc. After several years in private venture capital, Greene organized New Vista Capital in 1993 and is a general partner in that company.

Greene received the Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award from Santa Clara University in 1993 and the Black Alumni Achievement Award from Washington University in 1991.