Mr. Alfred R. Lucas

Vice President and Director, Strategic Alliances, Paging Products Group
Motorola Inc.

Alfred R. Lucas
...I've had the chance to see how engineering works. It went from being a series of disconnected courses to a methodology or a toolbag of skills that enables an individual to create useful things for society. I've learned what engineering can do and accomplish, and that has made me a very different person. Learning and applying are two different things.

Alfred R. Lucas completed his BS degree in electrical engineering at Purdue in 1963, earned his MS in 1965, and immediately joined Motorola as a senior engineer in Motorola's Applied Research Group. He completed a number of assignments in the Portable Products Division and in 1974 moved to the Paging Division. Having worked with the Federal Communications Commission to lay the groundwork for new paging frequencies, Lucas designed Motorola's first three 900 MHz pagers. During nineteen years with the Paging Division, Lucas also pioneered several generations of tone and voice pagers, alphanumeric paging, and paging on FM subcarriers.

In 1988 Lucas was promoted to vice president and director of Japan Paging Operations. Responsible for the design, marketing, and manufacturing of radio pagers for the Japanese marketplace, he led Motorola in the introduction of several technical innovations into Japan. Now as vice president and director of strategic alliances for the Paging Products Group, he is responsible for developing and nurturing joint ventures and technology agreements with outside firms.

In 1992 Lucas won the prestigious Schneeberger Quality Award, presented by Design News in recognition of his contributions to the success of Motorola's paging operations in the Japanese market and the production quality achieved under his direction. He holds eight U. S. patents and is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Tau Beta Pi and Eta Kappa Nu. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, one of the few museums in the nation dedicated to Japanese culture. A loyal Purdue alumnus, he is director of the Gold Coast Purdue Club, a South Florida alumni group, and is interested in music, photography, and the art of bonsai.