Mr. Roger J. Feulner

Vice President, Technology Assessment and Alliances
Honeywell, Inc.

Roger J. Feulner
In today's highly competitive world, it's more important than ever to keep up the skills and education that we received at Purdue. With fewer management positions available, many professionals are finding that their skills as individual contributors are their most important assets.

Roger J. Feulner received his BS in electrical engineering from Purdue University in 1965 and his MS in 1967. He began his career at Honeywell Inc. in 1967 as an engineer in the Building Control Business. In a series of positions as engineering manager, market manager, and director of engineering for the Control Business, Feulner was instrumental in establishing Honeywell as a leader in building energy management systems. He led the group in developing the Delta building management system as well as in developing systems for fire and security control.

Feulner became vice president and general manager of the Application System Division of Honeywell Information Systems in 1983. Under his direction the division launched new ventures in the health care and retail markets, developed four to six system products in each area, and expanded annual sales to the $3 to $5 million range.

In 1986 Feulner was named vice president and general manager of the Sensor and System Development Center. Feulner created the center by merging three units into a single, focused technology development center with programs in control, sensors, software, data communications, and artificial intelligence and continued to head its operation until 1993.

Recently Feulner was named vice president of Honeywell's Technology Assessment and Alliances. In his new role, he is responsible for technology acquisitions, alliances and divestitures, competitive analysis, and university affiliations. He also heads the Technology Strategy Team which alerts top management of business opportunities presented by new advances in technology. He established a satellite technology development center in Prague to support European technology departments and is developing a corporate software development center in India.

Feulner has served on the Board of Directors of Honeywell Ericsson Development Company and the Bull Product Development Board in Paris. He is now a member of the advisory board of Yamatake-Honeywell, Advanced Technology Center in Tokyo.