Project DiversityTranslation of computer-aided design to functional prototype

Senior design projects originate from a number of sources (i.e. faculty, medical and industry professionals, NGOs and patients), but are mainly student-derived projects.  Students begin their Junior Design course by interviewing medical and industry experts, patients, academic faculty, and other professionals in various fields to identify current clinical needs. This problem and needs finding process allows students to explore projects in their areas of interest and begin to develop more background and market research in order to identify market gaps and develop potential solutions through a Produced Development Proposal (PDP).

Translation of computer-aided design to functional prototype

This process results in a diverse set of projects that move forward through the design and prototyping stage. Seniors work on point-of-care diagnostics, orthopaedic and prosthetic devices, rehabilitative and assistive devices, implantable devices, healthcare systems, and much more!

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