Resources and Facilities

Working with 3D printer

When students are ready to build a prototype, they have access to an uncommon suite of resources, including 3D rapid prototyping machines, a fully equipped machine shop on site, and research technical assistants and staff engineers on hand to advise and assist with equipment and production. These resources help students develop designs into working prototypes that can be tested and refined until the product is fully realized.

Leslie A. Geddes Senior Design Laboratory

  • 3D Rapid Prototyping (Scanning, Printing, Modeling)
  • Machining Tools
  • Soldering and electrical equipment
  • Chemical work areas/hoods
  • Clinical/Cardiovascular medical devices for materials and testing

student soldering in the lab

Ann E. Rundell Undergraduate Laboratory Suite

  • Cell culture lab
  • Bioprocessing, biomaterials and biomechanics lab
  • Instrumentation and transport lab

Machine Shop

Faculty Research Laboratories