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Dr. Chien-Chi Lin

Areas of Research: Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Cancer Bioengineering


  • Dynamic hydrogels for in vitro and ex vivo cancer research: This project aims at developing multifunctional and dynamic hydrogels for studying the growth, metastasis, and drug resistance of pancreatic and breast cancer cells. Specifically, we will use hydrogels with well-defined and highly tunable biochemical and biophysical properties to gain better understanding of cancer cell development. We are also developing hypoxia-inducing hydrogels for mimicking the hypoxic microenvironment found in tumor niches.

To better understand Dr. Lin's interest areas, survey articles in the following journals: Biomaterials Science, Applied Polymer, Macromolecular Bioscience, and the Journal of Materials Chemistry B.

Recruitment Needs:

  • Looking for 1 new PHD student with experience in polymeric biomaterials and cell culture. The Lin Research Group is located at the Indianapolis campus (IUPUI).