Spintronics Pioneer - Supriyo Datta

Author: Arvind Raman
PodbeanID: 5uzeq-163a263-pb
Episode: 04
PodbeanTitle: Supriyo Datta - Interview Summary
The introduction of quantum elements into classical computing is revolutionizing semiconductor technology, as researchers push the boundaries of knowledge at the convergence of physics, chemistry, and electrical engineering. Quantum transport of electrons might sound like something from Star Trek, but the flow and spin of electrons at an atomic scale is what makes possible modern semiconductor technology advances, like the billion-plus transistors in the smartphone. Supriyo Datta was recently elected to the prestigious National Academy of Sciences, and has been called "one of the most original thinkers in the field of nanoscale electronics." Here he explains his ideas about quantum physics in an engineering context and the role of quantum and electron spin — "spintronics" — in delivering the compute horsepower for today's advances in AI, Internet of Things, edge computing, autonomy, and optimization.