Building a Semiconductor Ecosystem - Mark Lundstrom

Author: Arvind Raman
PodbeanID: p6n2n-15d34c7-pb
Episode: 02
PodbeanTitle: Mark Lundstrom - Interview Summary
Semiconductors and chips are at the heart of everything we do. They are some of the most fiendishly complex engineered devices ever built, and are getting even more complex as we race to develop chips with mind-boggling power to fuel artificial intelligence. Chips are also a national security priority, which is why the CHIPS Act aims to onshore, or near shore, semiconductor manufacturing. This is all in Purdue's wheelhouse, as America's "Semiconductor University." Mark Lundstrom, Purdue's chief semiconductor officer, draws upon his 50 years in the field to discuss technologies like advanced packaging that are driving sector innovation forward; the challenges to building out an enduring semiconductor ecosystem in the United States; and how Purdue is tackling the No. 1 industry challenge — workforce development — by leading an urgent, ambitious effort to educate engineers and skilled technicians for the most sophisticated and foundational technology we humans manufacture.