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Advance Planning Schedule-Courses by School/Topic
 This long-term course rotation schedule is subject to change and information contained in the course detail sheets is tentative. Please review this page periodically for updates. All course are 3 credit-hours unless otherwise noted in the course details.

 Click on the course title to review important details such as pre-requisites, the number of assignments and exams expected, software needed, and other special notes.

 Tentative Semester Schedule
Aeronautics and Astronautics20142015201620172018
Credit Courses:  
AAE50700 Principles of Dynamics-Fall -Fall -
AAE50800 Optimization in Aerospace EngineeringSpring -Spring -Spring
AAE51200 Computational AerodynamicsSpring -Spring -Spring
AAE51400 Intermediate Aerodynamics-Spring -Spring -
AAE53200 Orbit MechanicsFall -Fall -Fall
AAE53800 Air Breathing PropulsionFall ----
AAE53900 Advanced Rocket Propulsion-Spring -Spring -
AAE55000 Multidisciplinary Design OptimizationFall Fall Fall Fall Fall
AAE55200 Nondestructive Evaluation of Structures and Materials-Spring ---
AAE55300 Elasticity in Aerospace EngineeringFall ----
AAE55400 Fatigue of Structures and MaterialsSpring -Spring --
AAE55500 Mechanics of Composite MaterialsSpring Spring Spring Spring Spring
AAE55800 Finite Element Methods in Aerospace StructuresFall Fall Fall Fall Fall
AAE56000 System of Systems Modeling and AnalysisSpring Spring Spring Spring Spring
AAE56400 Systems Analysis and Synthesis-Fall -Fall -
AAE56800 Applied Optimal Control And EstimationSpring Spring Spring Spring Spring
AAE57500 Introduction to Satellite Navigation and Positioning-Fall Fall Spring -
AAE59000 Aerospace Propulsion-Fall ---
AAE59000 Introduction to Remote Sensing--Spring --
AAE59000 Molecular Gas DynamicsFall ----
AAE59000 Remote Sensing System DesignSpring ----
AAE59000 Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics-Spring -Spring -
AAE60700 Variational Principles of Mechanics-Spring -Spring -
AAE62400 Laminar-Turbulent Transition--Fall --
AAE62600 Turbulence and Turbulence Modeling-Spring -Spring -
Biological Sciences20142015201620172018
Credit Courses:  
BIOL59900 Quantitative PhysiologySpring Spring Spring Spring Spring
Biomedical Engineering20142015201620172018
Credit Courses:  
BME52100 Biosensors: Fundamentals and Applications-Fall -Fall -
BME55100 Tissue EngineeringFall -Fall -Fall
BME59500 Biostatistics-Fall Fall Fall Fall
BME59500 Biostatistics for Biomedical EngineersFall ----
BME59500 Engineering EthicsSpring ----
BME59500 Human Motion Kinetics-Spring ---
BME59500 Medical Imaging Diagnostic TechnologiesFall ----
BME59500 Preclinical and Clinical Study DesignFall Fall Fall Fall Fall
BME59500 Problems in Engineering EthicsSummer ----
BME59500 Regulatory Compliance for Biomedical DevicesSummer Summer Summer Summer Summer
BME59500 Regulatory Issues Surrounding Approval of Biomedical DevicesSpring Spring Spring Spring Spring
Civil Engineering20142015201620172018
Credit Courses:  
CE59700 Adjustment of Geospatial Observations-Fall ---
CE59700 Coordinate Systems and Conformal Mapping---Fall -
CE59700 Digital Photogrammetric Systems-Spring -Spring -
CE59700 Geographic Information SystemsSpring -Spring --
CE59700 Global Sustainable EngineeringFall -Fall -Fall
CE59700 Multi and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing--Fall --
Computer Science20142015201620172018
Credit Courses:  
CS50100 Computing for Science and EngineeringFall -Fall -Fall
CS50200 Compiling and Programming SystemsFall Fall Fall Fall Fall
CS50300 Operating SystemsSpring Spring Spring Spring Spring
CS50500 Distributed SystemsFall -Fall -Fall
CS51500 Numerical Linear Algebra-Fall -Fall -
CS52500 Parallel ComputingSpring --Spring -
CS52600 Information SecurityFall -Fall -Fall
CS53000 Introduction To Scientific Visualization--Spring -Spring
CS53600 Data Communication and Computer NetworksFall Fall Fall Fall Fall
CS54100 Database Systems-Spring -Fall -
CS54200 Distributed Database Systems---Spring -
CS54300 Introduction To Simulation And Modeling Of Computer Systems--Spring -Spring
CS54701 Information Retrieval--Spring -Spring
CS55500 Cryptography and Data Security-Spring -Spring -
CS57300 Data Mining-Spring -Spring -
CS57800 Statistical Machine Learning-Fall Fall Fall Fall
CS58000 Algorithm Design, Analysis, and ImplementationSpring Spring Spring Spring Spring
Electrical & Computer Engineering20142015201620172018
Credit Courses:  
ECE51300 Diffraction, Fourier Optics and Imaging-Fall -Fall -
ECE53800 Digital Signal Processing IFall Fall Fall Fall Fall
ECE54400 Digital CommunicationsFall -Fall -Fall
ECE54700 Introduction to Computer Communication NetworksSpring -Fall -Fall
ECE55200 Introduction to Lasers-Spring -Spring -
ECE58000 Optimization Methods for Systems and ControlSpring -Spring -Spring
ECE59500 Component Design-Fall -Fall -
ECE59500 ElectromechanicsSpring Spring Spring Spring Spring
ECE60000 Random Variables and Signals-Spring Spring Spring Spring
ECE60200 Lumped System TheoryFall Fall Fall Fall Fall
ECE60400 Electromagnetic Field TheoryFall Fall Fall Fall Fall
ECE60600 Solid-State Devices-Fall -Fall -
ECE60800 Computational Models and Methods--Spring -Spring
ECE61000 Energy ConversionFall Fall Fall Fall Fall
ECE61200 Advanced VLSI DevicesFall -Fall -Fall
ECE63300 Modeling and Simulation of Power System ComponentsSpring -Spring -Spring
ECE63700 Digital Image Processing I-Spring -Spring -
ECE64100 Digital Image Processing II-Fall ---
ECE65900 Quantum Transport--Spring -Spring
ECE67000 Modeling and Optimization of High-Performance InterconnectsFall Fall Fall Fall Fall
ECE68000 Modern Automatic Control-Fall -Fall -
ECE69500 Power Electronic Converters and SystemsFall -Fall -Fall
Engineering Education20142015201620172018
Credit Courses:  
ENE55400 Globalization and EngineeringSummer Summer Summer Summer -
Engineering Professional Education20142015201620172018
Credit Courses:  
GRAD59000 Program Management: A Comprehensive Overview of the DisciplineSummer Summer Summer Summer -
Industrial Engineering20142015201620172018
Credit Courses:  
IE53000 Quality Control-Fall -Fall -
IE53200 Reliability-Fall -Fall -
IE53300 Industrial Applications of StatisticsSpring -Spring -Spring
IE53500 Linear ProgrammingFall -Fall -Fall
IE53600 Stochastic Models In Operations Research I-Spring -Spring -
IE54500 Engineering Economic AnalysisFall -Fall -Fall
IE54600 Economic Decisions in EngineeringSpring Spring -Spring -
IE55800 Safety Engineering-Spring -Spring -
IE57000 Manufacturing Process Engineering-Fall -Fall -
IE57400 Industrial Robotics & Flexible AssemblySpring -Spring -Spring
IE57700 Human Factors in Engineering-Fall -Fall -
IE57900 Design and Control of Production and Manufacturing SystemsFall -Fall -Fall
IE58000 Systems SimulationFall -Fall -Fall
IE58200 Advanced Facilities DesignSummer -Summer --
IE59000 Applied Ergonomics-Summer -Summer -
IE59000 Financial EngineeringSummer Summer Summer Summer Summer
IE59000 Manufacturing Economics-Fall -Fall -
IE59000 Material Flow Systems PlanningFall -Fall -Fall
IE59000 Perspectives on Systems EngineeringFall -Fall -Fall
IE59000 Power Systems and Smart GridSpring -Spring -Spring
IE59000 Project ManagementSpring -Spring -Spring
IE63200 Scheduling ModelsSpring -Spring -Spring
IE67400 Computer And Communication Methods For Production Control-Spring -Spring -
Credit Courses:  
MA51100 Linear Algebra with ApplicationsSpring Summer Spring Summer Spring
MA52500 Introduction to Complex Analysis-Fall -Fall -
MA52700 Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists IFall Fall Fall Fall Fall
MA52800 Advanced Mathematics for Engineers and Physicists IISpring Spring Spring Spring Spring
Mechanical Engineering20142015201620172018
Credit Courses:  
ME50000 Advanced ThermodynamicsFall -Fall -Fall
ME50100 Statistical Thermodynamics-Fall -Fall -
ME50300 Micro- and Nano-scale Energy Transfer Processes-Fall -Fall -
ME50500 Intermediate Heat Transfer-Spring -Spring -
ME50900 Intermediate Fluid Mechanics-Fall -Fall -
ME51000 Gas DynamicsSpring Spring Spring Spring Spring
ME51300 Engineering Acoustics-Fall -Fall -
ME51800 Analysis of Thermal Systems-Fall -Fall -
ME52500 Combustion-Spring -Spring -
ME54000 Internal Combustion EnginesSpring ----
ME55300 Product and Process DesignSpring Spring Spring Spring Spring
ME55600 Lubrication, Friction and Wear--Spring --
ME55700 Design for Manufacturability-Fall -Fall -
ME55900 Micromechanics of Materials-Spring -Spring -
ME56000 Kinematics--Fall --
ME56200 Advanced Dynamics---Spring -
ME56300 Mechanical VibrationsFall -Fall -Fall
ME57000 Machine Design-Fall -Fall -
ME57100 Reliability-Based DesignSpring -Spring -Spring
ME57500 Theory and Design of Control SystemsFall -Fall -Fall
ME57700 Human Motion KineticsSpring -Spring -Spring
ME57800 Digital Control-Spring -Spring -
ME57900 Digital Signal Processing--Spring -Spring
ME58100 Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering-Fall -Fall -
ME59700 Heat Transfer in Electronic Systems-Spring ---
ME59700 Mechanics of MEMS and NEMS-Spring -Spring -
ME60800 Numerical Methods in Heat, Mass,and Momentum Transfer--Spring --
ME61400 Computational Fluid Dynamics---Spring -
ME64000 Structural Acoustics-Fall ---
ME67500 Multivariable Control System Design--Spring --
ME69100 ME Graduate SeminarFall Fall Fall Fall Fall
ME69700 Computational Fracture Mechanics--Spring -Spring
Materials Engineering20142015201620172018
Credit Courses:  
MSE51000 Microstructural Characterization Techniques-Spring Spring --
MSE51200 Powder Processing--Fall --
MSE53600 Solidification of Castings-Fall -Fall -
MSE59700 Introductory Biomaterials--Spring Spring -
MSE59700 Lean ManufacturingSpring ----
MSE59700 Steel and Aluminum: Processing Structure and PropertiesFall ----
MSE69700 Materials Engineering FundamentalsFall ----
Credit Courses:  
PSY57700 Human Factors in Engineering-Fall -Fall -
Credit Courses:  
STAT51100 Statistical Methods-Spring -Spring -
STAT51200 Applied Regression AnalysisFall -Fall -Fall
STAT51300 Quality Control-Fall -Fall -
STAT51400 Design of ExperimentsFall Fall Fall --
STAT51600 Basic Probability and Applications-Fall -Fall -
STAT51700 Statistical InferenceSpring -Spring -Spring
STAT52200 Sampling and Survey Techniques--Spring