Kendrick Hardaway

Purdue University

Kendrick Hardaway

Kendrick Hardaway earned his bachelor’s degree in 2018 in biological engineering from the University of Arkansas. Kendrick is a PhD student in Purdue Environmental and Ecological Engineering (EEE) and participates in the Ecological Sciences and Engineering (ESE) interdisciplinary program. In his graduate research assistant assignment, he is studying the impacts of the built environment and infrastructure systems on environmental resilience and sustainability. He has been a lecturer and teaching assistant for environmental and ecological engineering courses, as well as a research assistant for the Indiana Recycling Coalition, a consultant for Sustainable Giving Homes (Austin, TX), and an intern for the University of Arkansas Office for Sustainability. Kendrick is junior associate editor for the Environment, Development, and Sustainability journal, a senator in Purdue Graduate Student Government, vice president of the Society of Environmental and Ecological Engineers, and co-chair of Purdue’s Ecological Sciences & Engineering Symposium. His future research goals are to contribute more understanding to infrastructure challenges, sustainable communities, and climate change. Recently, he proposed a project to capture the data storage and algorithmic energy requirements to operate autonomous vehicle fleets. As a faculty member, he will prioritize team-oriented assignments and projects, incorporating contemporary issues into lectures to allow students to grapple with the very issues they will be addressing upon graduation.

Research Interests

Environmental impacts in complex systems