Hernando Maldonado Colmán

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University

Hernando Maldonado Colmn

Hernando Maldonado Colmán earned a degree in electromechanical engineering in 2014 from the Universidad Nacional de Asunción, Paraguay. In 2017, he received his master’s degree in energy, and in 2021, his PhD in combustion, both from Université Paris-Saclay, France. Currently, he is a second-year postdoctoral research associate at Princeton University, where he is working on the computational modeling of pollutants in turbulent reacting flows. In less than two years, he has published three papers and will publish three more in the coming months. With research that focuses on combustion science, he is passionate about the decarbonization of energy systems and fire safety aspects in engineering — areas in which he hopes to make contributions in clean and safe technologies aimed at curbing climate change. Having been educated on three continents, Maldonado Colmán is trilingual in English, Spanish, and French, allowing him to connect with a wide range of students. To be an effective faculty member, he will strive to be equal parts adviser, role model, supportive advocate, and exemplary teacher. He is devoted to providing an inclusive environment where all students feel valued and empowered to succeed, and he plans to employ innovative teaching strategies that allow for diverse learning styles.

Research Interests

Combustion, Turbulence, Pollutants, Numerical Modeling, Simulations