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Pavlos Vlachos

Pavlos Vlachos

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Pavlos Vlachos received his diploma in mechanical engineering from the National Technical University of Athens in 1995 and his 1998 M.S. degree and 2000 Ph.D. in engineering mechanics from Virginia Technical Institute. In 2003 he joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech as assistant professor and he was promoted to associate professor with tenure in 2007. He then became a full professor in 2011. In addition to his Purdue faculty appointment, he holds affiliate appointments with the Wake Forest School of Medicine and the Virginia Tech departments of mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering and engineering science and mechanics. 

Vlachos’ research focuses on experimental fluid mechanics specializing on flow diagnostics using non-invasive methods, and on development of sensors and measurement techniques. General research interests include particle image velocimetry, measurement science and instrumentation, multi-phase flows, interfacial flows, biological flows, and biofluid mechanics. Past research activities include wakes, boundary layers, flow control, and fluid structure interaction.

Current active projects deal with: image velocimetry methods, uncertainty analysis, vortex induced vibrations and hydro-kinetic energy, multi-phase buoyant jets and plumes, water entry, animal drinking, gliding flight in nature, heart failure and diastolic dysfunction, quantitative medical imaging, arterial flows, blood damage, and engineered tumor micro-environments. He has performed and completed over 60 externally funded projects for a total of over $17 million in research expenditures.