Evgenii Narimanov

Evgenii Narimanov

Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Evgenii Narimanov received his Ph.D. from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

He has held postdoctoral positions at Yale University and Bell Laboratories and a faculty position at Princeton University.

Dr. Narimanov's general interests include teaching photonics, optics, and E&M theory at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. In addition, his background in condensed matter theory and nonlinear dynamics makes him comfortable teaching solid-state physics, electronic devices, and nonlinear dynamics and its engineering applications.

The unifying theme of Dr. Narimanov's research is light in artificial materials and micro/nanostructures. This theme cuts across several disciplines in physics and engineering, from optics, semiconductor physics, and optoelectronics to nonlinear dynamics and information theory. While dealing with new physics, such as Anderson light localization in the phase space of optical resonators, his work also leads to a number of important applications, from novel trace gas cell technology to a new approach to CDMA codes for fiber-optics.