Dr. Varma

Dr. Amit H. Varma

Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering

Dr. Amit H. Varma has accepted our offer to join Purdue as an Assistant Professor in the School of Civil Engineering. His research focuses on: (a) the behavior, analysis, and design of civil structures under extreme loading, for example, earthquakes or fire events, and (b) the evaluation and repair of damaged or deteriorating civil infrastructure. His research will be in the Bowen Large-scale Structures laboratory. His areas of expertise include: (i) large-scale experimental investigations of structural components and sub-systems under static, dynamic, or thermal loading, (ii) development of analytical models for structural components, and (iii) analytical investigations of the elastic, inelastic, and collapse behavior of structural systems. He received his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from Lehigh University in 2001, and worked as an Assistant Professor for the subsequent three years at Michigan State University. He is the recipient of the 2003-2007 AISC Faculty Fellowship Award for the development of innovative long-span floor systems for multistory residential structures.