Undergraduate Education

In charge of all undergraduate engineering programs: Cooperative Education Program, Engineering Projects in Community Service, (EPICS), Minority Engineering Program, Undergraduate Engineering Recruitment, Undergraduate Scholarships, and the Women in Engineering Program.

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Eckhard Groll
William E. and Florence Perry Head of the School of Mechanical Engineering, Associate Dean for Undergraduate and Graduate Education, Reilly Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Christine Butcher
Senior Administrative Assistant
Elizabeth Holloway
Assistant Dean of Engineering for Undergraduate Education & Leah H. Jamieson Director of the Women In Engineering Program
Jon Mrozinski
Office Admin, Engagement and Student Success
Twila Ortiz
Director of Undergraduate Affairs
Lori Pence
Associate Director, Student Success
Darshini Render
Assistant Director of Student Success (International)

Engineering Ambassadors

Melissa Davies - Co-chair
Senior Director of Development Operations and Donor Stewardship
Twila Ortiz - Co-chair
Undergraduate Affairs Coordinator
Kristen Adair
Material Sciences Engineering
Gautam Bhayani
Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering
Steven Cardenas
Environmental & Ecological Engineering
Emily Coleman
Biological Engineering
Anna Earley
Nuclear Engineering
Kelly Featherstone
Mechanical Engineering
Nelson Frech Medina
Construction Engineering Management
Erin Groll
Industrial Engineering
Allison Gruninger
Electrical And Computer Engineering
Yiwei Huang
Mechanical Engineering
Quinton Lasko
Mechanical Engineering
Kristen Loehr
Chemical Engineering
Joshua Moore
Industrial Engineering
Raj Patel
Biomedical Engineering
Danielle Render
Multidisciplinary Engineering
Krystin Roberts
Construction Engineering Management
Paul Silver
Chemical Engineering
Marissa Suarez
Construction Engineering Management
Kyle Ziesig
Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering
Devin Zuck
Chemical Engineering