TRAvel for CollaborativE Research (TRACER) Grant

The TRAvel for CollaborativE Research (TRACER) Grant Program will reimburse up to $7,500 in travel expenses to graduate engineering students and postdoctoral associates to collaborate with faculty at prominent research laboratories outside of Purdue.

TRACER grants are intended for domestic or international travel to another lab to learn new research techniques, broaden research networks, and begin/continue collaborations with world-leading experts at top institutions in their field.

Benefits and Goals

  • Grant for up to $7,500 for travel to a collaborator's research lab
  • Learn new research techniques and increase research network
  • Begin/continue collaborations with world-leading experts and/or at top institutions in the field.


  • Applicants must be enrolled in an Engineering PhD program or employed as a postdoctoral researcher in the College of Engineering
  • Graduate student applicants must have passed their preliminary exam or be scheduled to take their preliminary exam prior to traveling for this collaboration.
  • If selected, all University processes applicable to your situation must be followed.
  • Questions or concerns should be directed to with “TRACER Grant Question” in the subject line.


    A maximum of 5 grants will be awarded. Selected candidates will be those who are on a promising trajectory for a future career as a faculty member at a top University, as judged by application essay, CV (include list of all published/submitted articles and conference papers), and letters of support. If selected, additional forms and reviews may be necessary depending on each situation (e.g., Change of Duty Station Form, Remote Research Form, ISS review). Be prepared to take additional action as needed.

How to Apply