Unrestricted Support

The ability to respond to technological and societal change lies not only in Purdue Engineering's faculty and students, but also in our ability to provide the necessary resources to address these challenges in a timely manner. Unrestricted funds provide the College of Engineering with the flexibility to respond to pressing university needs and explore new opportunities.

All unrestricted gifts help advance the college's educational mission. Gifts and commitments for unrestricted purposes are directed to the Dean of Engineering to be used where the opportunity may be greatest in any given year. We encourage you to partner with us to support our essential unrestricted fund - these flexible resources allow us to be nimble and respond to creative opportunities, urgent needs and emerging dreams.

For more information on how you can make an unrestricted gift to Purdue's College of Engineering, contact us at 1-877-867-0050, e-mail us at engadv@purdue.edu, or Make a Gift Today.