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Dean's International Experience Award

Dean's International Experience Award (DIEA) recognizes outstanding scholastic merit and promotes globally diverse, multicultural experiences that prepare Purdue Engineering students to address the pressing, global issues of the engineering profession. 

DIEA offers an increased understanding of the key challenges related to the practicing your profession in different parts of the world. Over the course of their undergraduate experience, DIEA fellows will benefit from programs specifically designed to enhance a strong ethical framework and cultural sensitivity that will prepare you for the global work experiences.

Recipients of the award will participate in a 2 day, multicultural workshop that draws upon the need to develop cultural global competencies for future engineers. In addition to concepts related to the 2020 attributes, this workshop will offer DIEA fellows introductory principles and concepts and real-life, case study exercises especially designed to enrich your international experience.

DIEA fellows will enroll in the introductory global engineering course (103) offered in the spring and designed to further enhance the compliment the goals of the program. Fellows will be a part of on-going evaluation and assessment experience throughout their tenure as CoE students.