EEE Related Courses

Engineering courses relevant to Environmental and Ecological Engineering (download PDF course list; click here)

Course # Title
ABE 325 Soil And Water Resource Engineering
ABE 526 Watershed Systems Design
ABE 527 Computer Models in Environmental and Natural Resources
ABE 560 (BME521) Biosensors: Fundamentals and Applications
ABE 580 Process Engineering Of Renewal Resources
ABE 591 Ecohydrology
ABE 591 Instrumentation and Data Acquisition
ABE 628 Advances in Modeling Environmental and Natural Resources Systems
CE 340 Hydraulics
CE 350 Environmental Engineering
CE 352 Biological Principles Of Environmental Engineering
CE 353 Physico-Chemical Principles of Environmental Engineering
CE 355 Engineering Environmental Sustainability
CE 440 Urban Hydraulics
CE 443 Introductory Environmental Fluid Mechanics
CE 456 Water and Wastewater Treatment
CE 457 Air Pollution Control And Design
CE 497 Civil Engineering Projects
CE 540 Open Channel Hydraulics
CE 541 Design Of Hydraulic Structures
CE 542 Hydrology
CE 543 Coastal Engineering
CE 544 Subsurface Hydrology
CE 545 Sediment Transport Engineering
CE 546 Computational River Hydraulics
CE 550 Physico-Chemical Processes In Environmental Engineering
CE 552 Biochemical Operations of Environmental Engineering
CE 554 Aquatic Chemistry in Environmental Engineering
CE 557 Air Quality Management
CE 558 Sampling And Analysis Of Source And Atmospheric Air Contaminants
CE 559 Water Quality Modeling
CE 593 Environmental Geotechnology
CE 642 Advanced Hydrology
CE 646 Advanced Subsurface Hydrology
CHE 303 Frontiers In Chemical Engineering
CHE 348 Chemical Reaction Engineering
CHE 456 Process Dynamics and Control
CHE 540 Transport Phenomena
CHE 577 Flow Phenomena In Porous Media
IE 332 Integration of Life Cycle Systems Engineering
IE 484 Integrated Production Systems II
ME 413 Noise Control of Acoustic Waves
ME 418 Engineering of Environmental Systems and Equipment
ME 525 Combustion
ME 597 Indoor Environment Analysis and Design
ME 597 Fundamentals of Wind Engineering
ME 597 Sustainable Design and Manufacturing
NE 300 Nuclear Structure and Radiation Interactions
NE 402 Engineering of Nuclear Power Systems
NE 503 Radioactive Waste Management
NE 544 Nuclear Fuel Systems