April 7, 2022

Co-op Spotlight: Zecong Liang

Zecong at the GE sign in Lousiville
Zecong Liang at the GE facility in Appliance Park in Louisville.

Name: Zecong Liang

Birthplace: Nanning, China (Hometown: New Albany, IN)

Company: GE Appliances, a Haier Company

Workplace: AP2 Appliance Park in Louisville, KY

Zecong soldering a board
Zecong soldering at work.

Job Duties:

My current rotation is the 3rd out of 5 that I plan to do with GE Appliances. During this rotation, my job is to support the development of the APEX Program, which focuses on creating a new cooktop platform.  Some of my projects have involved troubleshooting EMI issues with boards in development, testing boards for cost-out initiatives, validating software updates, and heading the capacitive touch tuning for one of the APEX program's UI boards. In my previous rotations, I've helped with completing hardware black box testing for laundry machine UIs and developing a capacitive-touch tuning script for dishwashers.

Why did you learn from the experience? 

Each rotation, I've been able to leverage classes I've taken at Purdue to enhance my projects. At the same time, co-oping has given me experiences not possible inside the classroom.

Career Goals:

I would like to attain a Master's in Electrical Engineering and eventually lead my own engineering team.