2014 News

December 18, 2014

Several ECE faculty and staff receive inaugural Bravo Awards

The ECE recipients were Joe Bougher, Professor Jeff Gray, Professor Cheng-Kok Koh, Dr. Matthew Swabey, and Mihal Sinani. The award was created to recognize extraordinary achievement by faculty and staff in the College of Engineering.
December 14, 2014

Nanoshaping method points to future manufacturing technology

A new method that creates large-area patterns of three-dimensional nanoshapes from metal sheets represents a potential manufacturing system to inexpensively mass produce innovations such as "plasmonic metamaterials" for advanced technologies.
December 11, 2014

Germanium comes home to Purdue for semiconductor milestone

A laboratory at Purdue University provided a critical part of the world's first transistor in 1947 – the purified germanium semiconductor – and now researchers here are on the forefront of a new germanium milestone.
December 4, 2014

Professor Stan Zak "winner" of annual HKN Turkey Contest

The turkey contest is organized by HKN before Thanksgiving break, where students choose among four professors to wear the costume. The other professors this year were Yung-Hsiang Lu, Gerhard Klimeck, and Jeff Siskind. A total of $200 was raised and donated to the St. Matthew Care & Share Soup Kitchen at Saint Ann Church and Shrine, Professor Zak's charity of choice.
December 4, 2014

ECE Professors lead two groups chosen as Purdue Engineering Pre-Eminent Teams

Professor Ali Shakouri leads a group researching nanomanufacturing aimed at creating "aware-responsive" films with applications in pharmacy, agriculture, food packaging, and functional non-woven materials for uses including wound dressings and diapers. Professor Supriyo Datta's team is researching development of new types of computer memory and electronic devices based on "spintronics."
November 24, 2014

Professor David J. Love elevated to IEEE Fellow

Less than 0.1% of voting members are selected annually for this member grade elevation. Professor Love was cited for his contributions to feedback-adaptive wireless communications systems.
November 24, 2014

ECE professor shares insights on transition to active learning classroom

When Dimitrios Peroulis participated in the IMPACT program in 2012, he had already been experimenting with a flipped classroom and student-centered learning for more than a year, creating online lectures for students to view before class and then using class time to lead them through problems and projects.
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