Mission Statement

To serve and lead the state of Indiana, the nation, and the world-wide profession of electrical and computer engineering, by educating the next generation of engineers, by discovery that advances fundamental knowledge and its applications, and by innovation and engagement that address global challenges of societal impact.

Facts & Figures

  • Established in 1888, Purdue ECE is the largest school at Purdue
  • Largest grad program at Purdue - 258 MS and 484 PhD students
  • With 100+ members, faculty among largest in nation
  • Two undergraduate degree programs with more than 1500 students
  • $44+ million annual research expenditures
  • Home of nanoHUB, a scientific cloud computing resource
  • More than 23,000 alumni
  • #2 online graduate ECE program
  • #10 ranked EE and CompE undergrad programs
  • #9 ranked EE and #12 ranked CompE graduate programs
  • More than 2200 applicants to graduate program annually 
  • Birthplace of National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
  • Former head, Reginald Fessenden, invented radio telephony

Dynamic Faculty

  • 42 IEEE Fellows and a former IEEE president
  • 6 National Academy of Engineering members, a Gordon prize winner, and 3 Frontiers of Engineering alumni
  • 9 American Physical Society and 8 Optical Society of America Fellows

Expanding Research and Innovation

  • Highest volume of research among all Purdue schools and departments
  • Home of the nanoHUB, a pioneering scientific end-to-end cloud computing environment for nanotechnology and beyond
  • Recent SRC Awards: Brain Inspired Computing, NEW LIMITS, Computing & Probabilistic Spin Logic, and Heterogeneous Integration Research in Packaging
  • Recent NSF Awards: Engineering Forensics Research Institute New Law, Collaborative Research on Resilience & Recovery, and Research Traineeships on Sustainable Food, Energy and Water Systems
  • Recent AFRL Awards: Adaptive Wireless Networks for Spectrally Efficient Communication, and Media Forensics Integrity Analytics
  • Recent ONR Awards: NEPTUNE Power and Energy Research, and Field-Enhanced Mass Transport in Ceramics

Distinguished Alumni

  • Eugene Cernan, NASA astronaut who walked on the moon during Apollo XVII mission
  • Thomas Engibous, chairman and former CEO of Texas Instruments
  • Lila Ibrahim, COO of DeepMind
  • Rita Lane, former VP of Operations at Apple
  • Don Thompson, former President and CEO of McDonald's

College of Engineering Facts & Figures