September 25, 2020

New Faculty Spotlight: Kwang Taik Kim

kwang taik kim
Kwang Taik Kim, Research Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Hometown: South Korea

What inspired you to get into engineering?

I was a naturally curious and inquisitive kid. I liked to make and assemble things and think about science and math topics. With these persistent natural and mathematical interests, I went to a high school specialized in science and math. I enjoyed the element of discovery in science. I also loved solving challenging math problems and how math and science can explain the natural world. For example, the notion that you could create physics equations to describe electromagnetic fields was fascinating. When choosing my college major, I wanted something that would involve scientific exploration and discovery and provide meaningful contributions to people’s lives through technology. I saw electrical engineering as the most suitable way for me to apply math and science in a way that had the most significant impact on society and quenched my thirst for discovery.

What are your research interests?

My current focus is on theory, algorithms, and experimentation for wireless communication, large-scale distributed computing, edge networking and computing, and machine learning in the realms of wireless system design for 5G and subsequent generations.

What drew you to Purdue ECE?

Purdue ECE is the perfect place for me to do the work on these topics. I am very excited to have the laboratory space recently built in Indy 5G Zone. Also, several faculty members are doing exciting work on topics related to my research; thus, I see a lot of potential for excellent research support and collaborations with academia and industry partners. The students that come to Purdue are brilliant. I can dig into research questions and build the research program I want to develop.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy singing, music, taking a walk, meditation, food, and my family and friends.