March 22, 2019

Alumni Spotlight - Kristen Stiles

Kristen Stiles graduated with her BSEE in 2009. She currently works as a Senior Electrical Engineer for GE Healthcare.
Kristen Stiles
Kristen Stiles, BSEE '09
Why did you choose to study electrical and computer engineering?
Nearly everything our society relies on requires electricity. I was interested in learning how to design the electrical components we rely on and how they could be applied to products to help others. I also took an interest in computers in high school and wanted to learn more about computer components and capabilities.
Favorite Purdue ECE class or experience:
ECE 301 Signal and Systems was the building block for my interest in electrical systems, transforms and controls. It was from that class and those topics that I found my primary interest in ECE and what I built upon for the remainder of my class work.
What organizations or activities were you involved in at Purdue? What did you gain from that involvement?
Purdue provided such a well-rounded offering of opportunities to get involved in while on campus. I enjoyed a mix of professional (Engineering Ambassadors & SWE), social (intramural sports & sorority) and community service (EPICS). Getting involved in those different organizations helps develop leadership, communication and team work skills that are crucial to the work we do every day in our professional setting. The involvement in the organizations enhanced my experience at Purdue and had lasting positive impact and memories.
What are you doing currently?
I am currently a Senior Electrical Engineer on the design team for medical X-ray equipment for GE Healthcare. I have had the privilege of working on a variety of opportunities as part of my role spanning the full life cycle of product development from research & development, new feature development, software & system integration, product verification & validation, and designing for field service and customer support. It has offered a mix of hands-on development in the engineering labs, customer labs and product installs in the customer usage hospital setting.
What are your ultimate career goals?
Professionally, I am looking forward to continuing to contribute to product development with the goal of helping people around the world. I would like to continue to learn and mentor others throughout my career. I think it is important to support and encourage the next generation of engineers by promoting the engineering career path as a way to positively impact the world around you.
How is your Purdue degree helping you achieve your goals?
The Purdue Electrical and Computer engineering degree did an excellent job preparing me for the “real world” after college. Throughout the curriculum, I learned how to problem solve, quickly absorb new information, ask questions and seek out answers. These are skills that I have used daily throughout my career.
What advice do you have for current ECE students?
I recommend getting involved in activities on campus to further enhance your experience and professional skills. Also, talk to company representatives on campus to learn more about the vast array of opportunities available to someone with an ECE degree from Purdue. There are many different paths to explore.
What do you do in your free time?
In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, watching Purdue sports and staying active. Our family has enjoyed traveling together.