Two new professional master's degree programs launched

The medical device and biotechnology industries have stimulated a growing demand for engineers with the advanced technical and professional skills indicated by a professional master's degree. To meet this demand, the Purdue Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering launched two new master's degree programs in the fall of 2015: Biomedical Device Development (MS BME) and Biomedical Device Development with Industry Immersion (MS BME).

These two new non-thesis programs—one with, one without an internship—will prepare students for project-based leadership positions in biomedical device development, marketing, regulatory affairs, entrepreneurship, financial planning, information technology, and additional areas of expertise.

The programs are designed for recent graduates seeking to expand credentials and gain industry experience and working engineering professionals seeking additional credentials or planning a career shift. Students can expect the following learning outcomes:

  • Understanding of the design and development of biomedical products and processes at the systems level.
  • Understanding of processes to ensure quality, testing, and regulatory approval of biomedical products.
  • Ability to make ethical and socially responsible engineering decisions.
  • Ability to communicate clearly, negotiate effectively, and strategically lead a biomedical engineering project.

Both programs require students to complete 30 total credit hours of coursework; the industry immersion program requires 6-12 month internship. Some courses are available as distance learning. All faculty members are associated with the Weldon School graduate program.

If you are interested in applying to one of these programs, or if your company is interested in offering an internship to a student in the Industry Immersion program, please contact the Weldon School Graduate Program Coordinator at (765) 494-7054 or