2008 Outstanding Aerospace Engineer awards

The designation Outstanding Aerospace Engineer recognizes the professional contributions of graduates from the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics and thanks them for the recognition their success brings to Purdue and the School.

The School is pleased to honor eight graduates with the Outstanding Aerospace Engineer award.

Frank H. BauerFrank H. Bauer
BSAAE 1979
MSAAE 1980
Darryl W. DavisDarryl W. Davis
BSAAE 1978

Wayne EckerleWayne Eckerle
BSAAE 1975
MSAAE 1976
Walter EversmanWalter Eversman
BSAE 1959

Troy M. GaffeyTroy M. Gaffey
BSAE 1960
Markus B. HeinimannMarkus B. Heinimann
BSAAE 1992
MSAAE 1994
PhD AAE 1997

Timothy A. KinnanTimothy A. Kinnan
MSAAE 1971
Kenneth B. SangerKenneth B. Sanger
BSAAE 1981
MSAAE 1983