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Taking Exams

Taking exams as an online student is an efficient process. Each proctored exam at Purdue is taken with a paper and pencil, but the process prior to the exam can be accomplished online. Purdue allows you to pick your proctor and test location. It simply will require some pre-planning on your part, which we'll help guide you through.

Exam Process

Your proctor will guide you through the exam process from start to finish, and provide you with the necessary testing materials at the exam time. There will be a limit to what you may bring with you to the testing site, and there won't be any breaks throughout the duration of the exam, so it's important for you to plan accordingly.

Exam Schedule

Each course has established dates on which exams are taken. You'll take your exams based on these schedules, and you'll have a set amount of time in which to complete your work. Your exam proctor will be responsible for initiating the timer at the beginning of your exam as well as notifying you when your time is up. We realize our students are in varying time zones so you do have flexibility to set the time of day you will take your exam.

Find an Exam Proctor

Once you enroll in an online program, you'll need to identify an exam proctor who'll be responsible for downloading your exam materials from Purdue, administering your exam, and returning those hard copy materials to us electronically for grading. You'll also need to find a suitable testing location, either at your place of employment or at a public site such as a local community college or public library. You may have several proctors for your different courses throughout your studies at Purdue.

Student Responsibilities

As a student, you are responsible for reviewing and understanding your student responsibilities within the distance exam process.