For this graduate student, Purdue’s online Systems and Agile training are the perfect combination

Purdue online graduate students can earn their degree while also take other certification courses to broaden their engineering skillset. The flexibility of engineering online degrees is unmatched while not compromising the prestigious education. Temitope "Temi" Adegboye earned his degree online while also successfully earning a graduate certificate in systems and taking an INCOSE equivalency course and an Agile Project Management course. Temi was also worked full-time and had family responsibilities. Learn how Temi found success while earning his degree.

Temitope Adegboye, Interdisciplinary Master's in Engineering Graduate, 2023

Talk about busy, Temitope “Temi” Adegboye, a Purdue University 2023 alumnus, earned multiple certifications while also obtaining his master’s degree online. The certifications

 include professional short courses and online academic courses that he was able to apply immediately to his work. 

Adegboye earned his Graduate Certificate in Systems, completed Purdue’s online Agile Project Management course and an INCOSE equivalency course, and earned a Python programming certificate as well – all provided by Purdue via online delivery. At the same time, he earned his Interdisciplinary Master’s in Engineering, also online. He was able to achieve personal goals by taking courses focused on Systems engineering design, control and integration. 

That included taking the Systems Engineering Processes and Professional Competencies course (SYS 59000). Through Purdue’s equivalency with the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE), the SYS 59000 course offered an opportunity for Adegboye to forego the INCOSE certification exam if his grade in the course was high enough. He made the grade. 

“He was timely in the completion of his assignments and quizzes, participated in the discussion forums and even offered to help other students,” said Dave Walden, instructor for the course. 

An expert mechanic at Eli Lilly in Indianapolis with three children at home, Adegboye needed an educational program he could fit in where and when it was possible around his other commitments. Purdue stood out – from its highly ranked College of Engineering, to the more than 200 courses offered in its online graduate engineering programs, to the plethora of positive reviews from alumni. 

While earning his masters and taking courses specific to Systems, Adegboye also wanted to learn about Agile project management. 

“I’m the kind of person who likes a challenge,” said Adegboye, who thinks a doctorate might even be in his future. 

He finds Systems and Agile training to be complementary. In a simplified sense, Systems is a wellspring of projects and Agile is a way of thinking about how to develop and execute those projects. 

“I think pairing Agile and Systems training is a wonderful idea,” said Rachel Lamb, instructor for Purdue’s online Agile course. “Agile can complement Systems training because many system development projects use the Agile approach.” 

 Adegboye said taking the Agile course “really broadened my mind about how to manage a project and deliver projects that meet customer needs.” 

 And how to manage his time – maybe the most important factor in his ability to be a good employee, student, husband, and father all at the same time. On weekdays, he was often in “school” in the early morning before his kids were awake or after they’ had gone to sleep at night. He reserves weekends for his family, during the day anyway. 

“If you are able to manage your time, if you are able to manage the 24 hours you have in a day, then I think there is not a limit on what you can achieve,” Adegboye said. 

That said, his approach to achieving his goals – his mission, as he puts it – is decidedly systematic. He’s looked ahead to where he wants to be in five years or 10 years and laid out a system for getting there.  

“If you have a dream to become something in the future, work towards it,” Adegboye advised. “Be positive, work with people who have positive vibes and see you for who you are, respect you.” 

Learn more by visiting the Purdue online Interdisciplinary Master of Science in Engineering website, the online Graduate Certificate in Systems website, the online Agile Project Management Certification website, or Purdue’s online INCOSE Certification website. If you’re interested in any of these opportunities, you also can request further information here.