Computational Fluid Dynamics


Credit Hours:


Learning Objective:

The course will cover traditional aspects of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) while providing exposure to the latest generation of high-level dynamic languages and version-control software.


The major topics to be covered include: the use of finite-difference methods for the numerical solution to partial differential equations with applications in fluid dynamics and heat transfer, as well as methods for solving the incompressible and compressible Navier-Stokes equations. Tentative SP2017 syllabus (from F2015)

Topics Covered:

The course will cover the following topics:
1. Spatial & Temporal Discretizations
2. Linear Advection & Diffusion Equation
3. Poisson and Heat Equations
4. Navier-Stokes Solvers
with a focus on incompressible flow and turbulent simulations. Students will be expected to write their own complete Navier-Stokes solver from scratch as a final project.


Prerequisites for the course include basic knowledge of fluid mechanics, linear algebra, partial differential equations and average programming skills. The use of Python is strongly recommended but not mandatory. The class content is structured in such a way to allow talented undergraduate students to successfully complete the coursework.

Applied / Theory:

40 / 60

Web Address:


Approximately 4 assignments and a final project.


Project details to be discussed during class.


No exams. Final Project.


Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer, Third Edition (Series in Computational and Physical Processes in Mechanics and Thermal Sciences), by Richard H. Pletcher, CRC Press, ISBN:9781591690375

Computer Requirements:

ProEd minimum computer requirements. Examples of source code will be provided in Python only. The use of Python is strongly recommended but not mandatory. Sharing of ideas on the homework assignments is encouraged but submissions need to be individual. Note that it is trivial to check whether parts of source code have been copied.

ProEd Minimum Requirements:


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