Final Exam Evaluation Form

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Student Name:  _________________  Date: _________                 

Name of Committee member: ______________      Signature: ____________                     

Please rate the thesis document and presentation for: 

  Poor (1) Fair (2) Good (3) Very good (4) Excellent (5)
Clarity of Presentation          





Please assign an overall rating for the thesis document: _____/5

1 poor  -          multiple major deficiencies exist that must be addressed

2  fair -            lacking in one or more critical aspects; key issues to be addressed

3  good -         all critical aspects addressed although there is room for improvement

4 very good -  all critical aspects addressed in a sufficient manner, minor improvements could be made

5 excellent -    all critical aspects covered with substantial detail, depth, and professionalism.  No improvements suggested

Optional:  Please provide feedback for the student for their future research.



Comments on student awareness of importance\broader impact of concluded research:



Comments on critical thinking, possession of significant expertise in this research area, and ability to make original contributions to the field:



Comments on analysis and interpretation of  research results:



Comments on the technical merit of the work: 



Comments on written and oral communication:



Comments on publications from this research (actual and anticipated):




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