Microelectronic & Semiconductor Engineering Graduate Online Courses

Apply for Non-Degree: Graduate Online Course Only 

Purdue University Online, College of Engineering offers a non-degree option for working engineers and STEM professionals interested in understanding semiconductor-related topics including the following:



Chip Design 
Advanced packaging and heterogeneous integration Cognitive computing  Probabilistic spin logic 
Memory devices  Sustainability  Integrated Circuits 

Semiconductor & Microelectronics Course Requirements (Nondegree)

Non-degree courses also help students prepare for graduate-level courses, explore graduate study, or develop new skills. If you wish to take a graduate-level engineering course without being formally admitted to an advanced degree program, you may do so under non-degree admission status. There is no fee to apply. Students in non-degree status will receive official Purdue academic credit for courses as an online graduate student in the College of Engineering. You must hold a bachelor's degree and have the necessary background for any courses you wish to take.   

Enrollment in courses as a non-degree student does not guarantee future admission to a degree program. If you are admitted later to an advanced degree or graduate certificate, a maximum of 12 credits taken in non-degree status may be applied. Check with the department of your intended degree program for their allowable pre-admission credits. Non-degree seeking students also receive the support of a student services team who can help them throughout their journey in the Interdisciplinary Engineering program.  

For further questions concerning transfer opportunities, email poapply@purdue.edu or request further information here 

Non-degree Admission Criteria and Deadlines 


All required admissions criteria are due by the following deadlines: 




August 1 


December 1 


May 1 

Refer to the Academic Calendar for semester start dates.  

Admission Criteria  

Look over the How to Apply Graduate School webpage for additional details.   

1. Online Application   

  • Apply using the following campus and program information:   
  • Campus: Purdue West Lafayette   
  • Major: Interdisciplinary Engineering   
  • Degree Objective: Non-degree   
  • Course Delivery: Distance (online or off-campus location)   
  1. Academic Statement of Purpose
  2. Personal History Statement

4. Proof of Bachelor's Degree   

  • Provide a copy of an official transcript or a copy of the original diploma to gradadm@purdue.edu 
  1. Resume
  • 1–2 pages in length. 
  • Please separate academic and professional experiences.