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Introduction to Fluid Mechanics


Credit Hours:


Learning Objective:

To develop a strong foundation in the fundamentals of fluid mechanics.


The basic conservation equations are derived for a compressible viscous fluid and then are specialized for applications in potential flow, viscous flow, and gas dynamics.
Fall 2020 Syllabus

Topics Covered:

Governing Equations: Basic conservation laws (8), Flow kinematics (2), Special forms of the governing equations/Vortex dynamics (4). Ideal Fluid Flow: Two-dimensional (10) and three-dimensional (4) potential flow. Viscous Flows of Incompressible Fluids: Exact solutions (4), Low-Reynolds number flows (2), Boundary layers (8).


Necessary Background: Vector calculus, ordinary and partial differential equations, some exposure to complex variables. Undergraduate course in fluid mechanics or a background in Newtonian mechanics. Ability to program in MATLAB.

Applied / Theory:

10 / 90

Web Address:


Two midterms, one final


Official textbook information is now listed in the Schedule of Classes. NOTE: Textbook information is subject to be changed at any time at the discretion of the faculty member. If you have questions or concerns please contact the academic department.
Fundamental Mechanics of Fluids (Fourth Edition)
I. G. Currie, CRC Press 2013, ISBN 9781439874608
(The 3rd edition (2003) is on reserve at the ENGR library. It is also available as an on-line electronic resource through the Purdue library website.)

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