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Linear Algebra with Applications


Credit Hours:


Learning Objective:

Techniques associated with matrix theory and vector space arguments.


Basic vector space theory; linear transformations; topics in matrix theory such as QR and LU factorization, eigenvalues, and quadratic forms. SU2019 MA511 Syllabus

Topics Covered:

Linear spaces; linear systems; matrices; Gauss elimination; LU and PLU factorization; linear transformations; orthogonality; QR factorization; inner products, least squares and projections; determinants; eigenvalues and eigenvectors; condition number and ill conditioning; spectral theorems; quadratic forms, singular value decomposition and pseudo inverse of a matrix; linear systems of differential equations.


An undergraduate course in linear algebra and differential equations.

Applied / Theory:

/ 100

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Syllabus, grades, lecture notes, homework assignments.


Weekly assignments (worth 25% of final grade).


Worth 10% of final grade.


One midterm exam (25% of final grade) and one final exam (40% of the final grade)


Official textbook information is now listed in the Schedule of Classes. NOTE: Textbook information is subject to be changed at any time at the discretion of the faculty member. If you have questions or concerns please contact the academic department. Tentative: Required textbook(s): Gilbert Strang, Linear Alg and Its Applications, ISBN-10: 0030105676 | ISBN-13: 9780030105678 | Edition: 4th.

Computer Requirements:

ProEd minimum computer requirements.

Other Requirements:

MATLAB or Linear Algebra Software

ProEd Minimum Requirements: