Materials for Hypersonics


Credit Hours:


Learning Objective:

To learn about the history of hypersonic flight and design, the operating conditions during flight, and aspects of ceramic applications to include structure, coatings, and windows. In short, we will develop the fundamentals, and then apply those to the hypersonic application. 


A 15-week course from the open literature and other sources with a focus on materials, primarily ceramics, for hypersonic flight. 

Spring 2024 Syllabus

Topics Covered:

  • History of hypersonic flight and design
  • Hypersonic aerothermodynamics
  • Ultrahigh temperature ceramics: Processing, Mechanical Properties and Environmental Properties
  • Thermal properties of ceramics
  • Materials for RF and IR performance
  • Materials for Radiative Cooling
  • Composites including carbon/carbon and ceramic matrix composites and their manufacture 

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Web Content:

Homework problems and solutions, and links to other resources including papers discussed in class and the course notes. 


Two midterm exams and one final exam. All exams are closed-book but you may use up to 1 sheet of HANDWRITTEN notes (8.5" x 11", two sides). The only other things allowed for exams are writing implements, eraser, straight edge (ruler), and a calculator. You cannot use your phone as a calculator.


No textbook. 

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