Demand for Civil Engineers Set to Spike as America Anticipates Infrastructure Improvements

infrastructure-spending-web.jpgJob growth for expert services of trained Civil Engineers is likely to increase dramatically with the new federal infrastructure bill aimed at modernizing highways, repairing bridges, replacing older rail transit, renewing aging airports, and more – all on a scale not seen in a generation. Civil Engineers also will be integral to developing, for example, new approaches to clean energy and sustainable cities, which also are elements of the proposed bill.

Among other things, the infrastructure bill includes $620 billion for roads, ports, and bridges; $111 billion to replace antiquated lead pipes and make drinking water safer; and $150 billion for technology and infrastructure improvements to reduce climate change. Purdue University’s Civil Engineering faculty are ready to provide the education and training needed for the jobs stimulated by the infrastructure bill, as well as provide research-backed knowledge to carry out the bill’s goals.

Considering Purdue’s College of Engineering ranked #3 in institutions offering online MS programs, and the online Civil Engineering MS program is ranked #2, this program is perfectly positioned to provide the kind of expertise needed. 

Building a Sustainable Infrastructure

The program offers a choice of three interdisciplinary tracks: Sustainable Water; Smart Mobility; and Infrastructure, Resiliency, and Sustainability.

  • sustainable-infrastructure.jpgThe Sustainable Water track is becoming increasingly important as parts of the world, especially urban areas, face a growing demand for water while also experiencing diminishing water supplies and water quality. Sustainability will be key to meeting this challenge.

  • The Infrastructure, Resiliency, and Sustainability track focuses on planning, designing, and managing sustainable and resilient infrastructure systems of all types.

  • The Smart Mobility track focuses on new data analysis, modeling, and simulation techniques to improve infrastructure design, construction, monitoring, and maintenance.

Addressing Demand for Civil Engineers

“This is a tremendous opportunity for working professionals who wish to earn a graduate degree from one of the most respected universities in the world while also maintaining their career,” said Rao S. Govindaraju, Bowen Engineering Head of Civil Engineering and Christopher B. and Susan S. Burke Professor of Civil Engineering. “Our courses are designed by our faculty to ensure that our learners will get upskilled and make giant leaps in their chosen fields.”

The infrastructure bill is a career opportunity for Civil Engineers not only to make a giant leap personally but also to be in the vanguard of a once-in-a-generation leap forward for the nation. The online Master’s program in Civil Engineering at Purdue is poised to help engineers leverage this opportunity.

Learn more about the online Master of Science in Civil Engineering.