Open to all STEM disciplines, but designed specifically for technical professionals, working engineers, and students with an awareness of secure design, this digital badge program includes multiple online courses to deal with the complexities of designing and manufacturing components and products that will be delivered and integrated into secure customer solutions. These courses will allow individuals to benefit by gaining advanced knowledge that could be applied immediately to their current roles, projects, and initiatives where they could incorporate security from the onset while learning occurs in a flexible online environment.


Four Foundational Courses

1. Foundations of Secure Development - Professor Baijian Yang, CIT

2. Secure Design Lifecycle - Professor Shreyas Sen, Engineering

3. Secure Operations - Professor David Johnson, Engineering

4. Security Applications - Professor Vaneet Aggarwal, Engineering


These flexible online courses are designed so learners may complete the courses in as few as four weeks, or they may choose to use the allotted eight weeks that the course is available.

Tentative Future Elective Courses

  1. Databases
  2. Web Security
  3. Apps
  4. Net Security
  5. Off-site Storage (including intro to Cloud Security)
  6. AI/ML/Big Data Analytics as a security concern and “tool”
  7. IoT/cyber-physical
  8. Autonomous Vehicles, UAS
  9. Block Chain
  10. Quantum Computing