Nano Technology Resources

Nanologo.JPG  Nano Technology Simulations from the Nano Hub at Purdue University

Nano Lessons

Here are lessons that have been created by the LSME (Learning Science and Mathematics through Engineering) teams

What is Nano Technology-

LSME 2015 Introduction to Nanotechnology

1.0 Lesson Plan Introduction to Nanotechnology and Scale

1.0 Nanotechnology Introduction an Scale student sheet

2.0 Lesson Plan Nanotechnology and Surface Area to Volume Ratio

2.0 Nanotechnology  Surface Area to Volume Ratio student sheet



LSME 2017 Bucky Ball and Nano tube Models- In this lesson the students are introduced to Nano Technology through building a 360 bucky ball, Nano tube and explore hydrophobic and hydrophilic materials

Teacher Lesson Plan
Student worksheet
Station Instruction
Maintence and Up-keep
Nanotechnology Presentation

EPICS Nano Hub Schools

Here are listings of Nano Hub EPICS Schools and their projects.

Agawam, MA
Palo Verde.JPG
Palo Verde HS,
Tucson AZ
North Penn.JPG
North Penn HS
Landsdale, PA
Sammamish HS
Bellvue, WA
Fitchburg, MA
Xavier College Prep.
Phoenix, AZ
Ironwood HS
Glendale, AZ