Ways to Engage

EPICS was initiated as a two-way partnership between the university and the community. The EPICS Corporate/Foundation Partners Program expands this relationship to a three-way partnership of the university, the community, and industry.

Your involvement can be in the form of leadership support (refer to information below), as well as financial support, both at the local or national level.

Ways for Industry and Foundations to Engage

Forms of leadership support may include:

  • Guest Speaker:  Share your thoughts and professional experiences with EPICS students by serving as a guest speaker during a lecture or professional development session.
  • Team Advisor:  Advise an EPICS team at an EPICS site.
  • Corporate EPICS Ambassador:  Network within your own company to advance the efforts of EPICS:
    • Resource Acquisition:  Leverage resources from your employer to help sponsor an EPICS team.
    • Leadership Identification:  Help identifying leaders in your organization who might also become future advocates for EPICS.
  • Design Reviewer: Serve as a technical reviewer for EPICS teams.

For more information on how to become involved with EPICS, please contact: epics@purdue.edu.